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Bhutan is mostly covered with deep forest with a scattering of tiny settlements and high grazing lands. As there is lot of wildlife in the mountains of Bhutan, and most of the treks are in the protected areas, there is a chance of seeing wildlife in its native habitat. All treks climb up and down hills, passing through various vegetation zones with a great variety of trees. A trek provides the best opportunity to experience the real heart of Bhutan and to get a unique insight into the rural culture of the kingdom through contact with people in remote villages and the staff accompanying you.

Once you step off the road to start the trek with Happy Bhutan Adventure you are in the ture winderness much of the time. Although there are established trails, there is no planes flying overhead, no roads and very few villages, instead there are views of snowcapped peaks and forested hillsides streaching to eternity. A short trek is 4 or 5 days in duration, an average is7 or 8 days, but a trek of 25 days or more is possible. You chose anyone, Happy Bhutan Adventure’s team will make your trek an unforgetable memories.

For trekking groups, Happy Bhutan Adventure’s trained cooks will prepare dishes suitable to Western, Indian and Bhutanese taste and every effort will be made to accommodate the individual dietary preferences of your clients. Please give some advance notice of any special dietary requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements when the catering team assembles provisions.

We provide the following Trekkings :